Super Late Model Profiles
Name: Randy Armes
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 18
Hometown: Chester, Ohio
Car Number: 8R
Car Owner: Randy Armes Sr
Crew Members: Randy Armes Sr
Pat Johnson
Roy Armes
Years In Racing: 7
Sponsors: McDonalds of Pomeroy, Ohio
Roses' Excavating Racine, Ohio
Jeff Warner Insurance Pomeroy, Ohio
Marcum Construction Chester, Ohio
Shain Custom Graphics
Shain Carburation Racine, Ohio
Family: Dad - Randy Sr.
Mom - Edna
Sister - Jenny
Niece - Kailee
Racing Accomplishments: 2007 miniwedge track champion 339 Speedway
2008 mod-lite rookie of the year I-77 Raceway Park
2009 "Young Gun Award" Rocky Top Raceway
youngest feature winner of all time at Rocky Top Raceway
2010 Super Late Model Rookie of the Year I-77 Raceway Park
Facebook Page URL: Randy Armes Motorsports

Name: Travis Brookover
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 36
Hometown: Kenna, WV
Car Number: 12B
Car Owner: Ken Patrick
Crew Members: Philip Johnson
Charles Haynes
Jerry Brookover
Years In Racing: 24
Sponsors: American Racer Tires by Lias Tire
Advance Auto Parts
21 Custom Exhaust
Family: Wife: Lori
Children: Daney & Mack
Racing Accomplishments: 2009 Super Late Model Track Champion at I77 Raceway Park.
Multiple feature wins.
Job Info: Forman at Kinder Morgan in So. Charleston.

Name: Ryan Casto
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 21
Hometown: Ripley
Car Number: 48r
Car Owner: Ryan Casto
Crew Members: Scott Casto
Lisa Casto
Shayla Shamblin
Bradly Syner
Years In Racing: 4
Sponsors: L&l Body Shop
Matters Racing
Family: Scott Casto
Lisa Casto
Shayla Shamblin
Racing Accomplishments: Came from racing go karts to modifieds then semi-late to super late models.
Job Info: Quail Ridge Construction- Welder/fitter/truck driver.

Name: David Gibson Jr.
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 23
Hometown: Charleston, WV
Car Number: 32
Car Owner: David Gibson ll
Crew Members: David Gibson Sr.
Ryan Keckley
Ian Moore
Josh Gibson
Years In Racing: 4
Sponsors: EdsHome and Commercial Improvment
Family: To many to list
Racing Accomplishments: Won first race in semi late last season.
Job Info: Eds
Facebook Page URL: David Gibson ll

Name: David Gibson Sr
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 45
Hometown: Charleston, WV
Car Number: 32D
Car Owner: David Gibson Sr
Crew Members: All Gibson
Years In Racing: 30
Sponsors: Fatt Matts Towing and Recovery Charleston, WV 304-437-6288
Family: To many to listRacing Accomplishments: Five semi late wins in the 90s
Job Info: Self employed
Facebook Page URL: David Gibson ll

Name: Tim Good
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 51
Hometown: Sissonville
Car Number: 18
Car Owner: Tm Good
Crew Members: Wendy Good, Austin Good
Years In Racing: 13
Sponsors: ARS Electric
Charleston Auto
Sears of Ripley
Family: Wendy Good
Austin Good
Racing Accomplishments: None

Name: Frankie Hall
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 41
Hometown: Parkersburg WV
Car Number: 21 jr
Car Owner: Perry Snyder
Crew Members: Brian
Years In Racing: 23 years
Sponsors: Perry Snyder Motorsports
C&C Dodge.Toyota.Chrysler.Jeep.
Critchfield Utilities
Car Mart Used Cars
Perry's Auto Repair
K Graphics
Halls Auto Repair & Fleet Services
Family: Very Understanding Girlfriend
3 Beautiful Daughters
Racing Accomplishments: 2 Time Track Champion
79 Feature Wins
Job Info: Owner
Halls Auto Repair & Fleet Services

Name: Scott Irvin
Class: Super Late ModelAge: 44
Hometown: Pine Grove
Car Number: 3
Car Owner: Sam irvin/Mike Eddy
Crew Members: Mike Brumfield
Rod Martyn
Brent Irvin
Brandon Martyn
Jake Gump
Dylan Irvin
Brady Irvin
Years In Racing: 21
Sponsors: Martyns Service
M&H Trucking
JA&M Oil and Gas
Colonial Life Insurance
Hometown Gas
Jacksonburg Pitstop
Family: engaged to Val Preat
daughter Ashton
sons Brady & Dylan
Racing Accomplishments: 1 late model feature win at Tyler County Speedway
Job Info: Boilermaker Local 667

Name: Kevin Layne
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 40
Hometown: Racine, Ohio
Car Number: 41
Car Owner: Kevin Layne-Jarrod Circle
Crew Members: Troy Rife
Jarrod Circle
Adam Johnson
Years In Racing: To many
Sponsors: Gheens Painting
Gheen Rental
Roush Funeral home
D&M Pizza
Family: Wife Steph
Racing Accomplishments: Track Champ Skyline Speedway in Limited Late.
Running the full season (WKA) World Karting Assocation.
Job Info: Union Painter
Comments: Want to Thank my family and friends and sponsors for helping me and supporting my racing.

Name: Randy "RONDELL" Meador
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 35
Hometown: Saint Albans
Car Number: 19
Car Owner: R J Racing
Crew Members: Rod Meador
Jad DeFade
Brian DeFade
Years In Racing: 9
Sponsors: Bellefonte Urological Associates
Brian DeFade D.O.
Family: Jessica Taylor-fiancee
Jacob Meador-son
Madison Meador- daughter
Lauren Taylor-Step daughter
Cadee Taylor-step daughter
Racing Accomplishments: 3 wins and points runner-up Semi-late 2007
2-late model wins
Job Info: Planner for Greenwood at Dow SC site
Comments: Thanks to my parents Randy and Diane Meador for their help and support. Thanks to Rod and Jad for all their help, support, hard work, and puting up with me. Big thanks to Brian Defade for all his help and sponsorship, he has really helped us to get to the next level and making us more competetive in the Super Late class

Name: Darin Roush
Class: Super Late Model
Age: 37
Hometown: Tuppers Plains, OH
Car Number: DT1
Car Owner: Tom Arnott
Crew Members: Tom
Years In Racing: 2nd year in late model
Sponsors: A-1 Sanitation
Family: Heather
Racing Accomplishments: To stay on four wheels at all times and to win races. To be the best on Dirt with what ive got to run with.
Job Info: CDL Driver
Comments: I would like to say good luck to all 2013 Dirt Racer Geter Done