Semi-Late Model Profiles
Name: Ryan DeViese
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 39
Hometown: Kenna
Car Number: 05
Car Owner: Micheal DeViese
Crew Members: Bob
And anybody eles
Years In Racing: 3
Sponsors: Ftl Trucking
Central Contracting
Charleston Acoustic
Purple Onion
Fairplain Yahct Club
Cherry River Construction
Hog Haven WV
And more to come :)
Family: Mandy DeViese
Addison DeViese
Maura DeViese
Micheal DeViese
Elizabeth DeViese
Racing Accomplishments: Make it around the track In 1 piece
Job Info: Paramedic
Comments: Pedal to the right to the floor

Name: Rex Frohnapfel
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 41
Hometown: Whitesburg, KY
Car Number: 45m
Car Owner: RPMperformance
Crew Members: Six pack
Years In Racing: 2
Sponsors: R&T trucking
Jackson Processing
K&R Enterprises
The Weld Shop
Dove Trucking
Family: Wife Pam
Daughter Maddi Apple
Pet Maci
Racing Accomplishments: Rookie of the year at Mountain Motor Speedway in first year of driving
Job Info: Coal truck driver
Twitter Page URL: RPMperformance45m

Name: J.R. Gibson
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 38
Hometown: Charleston
Car Number: J7
Car Owner: Katie Gibson
Crew Members: My family
Years In Racing: 1
Sponsors: Eds Home and Comm.
Big A" Home Improvement Handy Hammers
Family: Gibson Racing
Racing Accomplishments: 1 Street Stock Heat Win
Facebook Page URL: JR GIBSON

Name: Jason Gillian
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 15
Hometown: Coolville
Car Number: 33
Car Owner: Ed Gillian
Crew Members: Tanner Hendrix
John Carpenter
Ed Gillian
Years In Racing: 1
Sponsors: Riggs Motorsports
Pat Smith CPA
Granpa Huxley
Orange Fatkat
Scott James Motorsports
Family: Ed Gillian
Ryan Gillian
Racing Accomplishments: Won a heat race 3rd time ever raced
Job Info: Federal Hocking High School
Website: Jasongillian.com
Facebook Page URL: Gillian Motorsports
Twitter Page URL: Gillian racing

Name: Zach Hill
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 17
Hometown: Red House, WV
Car Number: 7H
Car Owner: Scotty (Joe) Hill
Crew Members:
Jody Moore
Brain Hill
Years In Racing: 9 years in karting
Maynard C Smith Construction
West Virginia Heating & Plumbing
Richard Witt Law Firm
Prime Insulation
All Crane Equipment
Brains Body Shop
Moores Used Cars
Family: Scotty Hill
Kathy Hill
Racing Accomplishments: none

Name: Robbie Jewell
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 31
Hometown: Ravenswood
Car Number: 379
Car Owner: Robbie Jewell
Crew Members: Dad
Years In Racing: 0
Sponsors: Robbie's Trucking
Napa- Ravenswood
L & L Scrap Metal- Gallipolis, OH
Family: Greg Jewell- Dad
Joyce Jewell- Mom
Dustin Garnes- Nephew
Jimmy Rhodes- Cousin
Fred Jewell- Grandpa
Job Info: Robbie's Trucking- Owner
Facebook Page URL: Robbie Jewell
Comments: Have a nice day

Name: Clayton Long
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 38
Hometown: Sissonville
Car Number: A1
Car Owner: Clayton long
Crew Members: Brady Haynes
Daren Haynes
Years In Racing: 1st year
Sponsors: A1 Tires & Auto Care
84 Lumber
Family: Mindy Long wife
Racing Accomplishments: None
Job Info: Owner A1 Tires & Auto Care In Sissonville

Name: Eric Monk
Class: Semi-Late ModelAge: 23
Hometown: Sissonville, WV
Car Number: 21
Car Owner: Ronnie Thaxton
Crew Members: Ronnie Thaxton
Years In Racing: 2
Sponsors: FTL Trucking
Stans Backhoe Service
Modern Images
Family: Jimbo Monk
Racing Accomplishments: None
Job Info: Dohm Cycles
Facebook Page URL: www.facebook.com/ericmonk21
Twitter Page URL: www.twitter.com/ericmonk21

Name: Johnny Vandale
Your Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 41
Hometown: Marietta
Car Number: 23
Car Owner: Johnny Vandale
Crew Members: Aaron and who ever wants to help
Years In Racing: 1st in late model
Sponsors: Krptonite Racecars
The Locker Room Sports Bar
Family: Tara
Racing Accomplishments: 2000 Street Stock Track Champion at I77
Job Info: Kryptonite Race Cars

Name: Cody Walker
Class: Semi-Late Model
Age: 23
Hometown: Liberty
Car Number: 7w
Car Owner: Cody walker
Crew Members: Brandon Shaffer
Brandon Scarberry
Shawn Walker
Years In Racing: 2
Sponsors: Shaders Drywall
Boggess Performance
Frontier Communications
Family: Shawn Walker
Becky Walker
Cassie Walker
Racing Accomplishments: None yet