2016 General Rules and Class Rules
2016 Class Rules
Rules for Lates Models, Modifieds, Semi-Late Models, Pure/Street Stocks, and 4-Cylinders
Late Model Rules:
Modified Rules:
Steel Block Rules:
Motor is Steel Heads OR Alum. Heads with a Steel Block. (Aluminum Intakes are OK)

  1. External fuel pump ok
  2. Weight for open motors is 2,350 Lbs
  3. Gas or Alcohol Only
  4. Engine must be naturally aspirated and is limited to one carb
  5. 6” maximum setback measured from center of left front spark plug to center of ball joint.
  6. Remote reservoir shocks are allowed
  7. Car MUST have front tow hook
  8. Lucas Oil Late Model Series Body Rules Apply
  9. No Traction Control
  10. No Pit to Driver Communication
  11. No electronic suspension data gathering devices of any kind allowed
  12. No mirrors
  13. Raceceivers ARE MANDATORY
  14. Transponders are mandatory and will be available to rent at the track
  15. A car must report to either the consy or the feature and take the green flag to be paid tow money
  16. Fixed motor mounts only

Option 2 –GMPP 602, GMPP 604, PBM1, & PBM2 Motors

  1. GMPP 602, GMPP 604, PBM 1, or PBM 2 Motors Only
  2. GM CT525 is not allowed in Semi-Late
  3. Weight for GMPP 602 & PBM 1 Sealed Engines will be 2,250 Lbs
  4. Weight for GMPP 604 & PBM 2 Sealed Engines will be 2,300 Lbs
  5. No Magnetos
  6. Gas or Alcohol Only
  7. Engine must be naturally aspirated and is limited to one carb
  8. 6” maximum setback measured from center of left front spark plug to center of ball joint
  9. Fixed motor mounts only
  10. Car MUST have front tow hook
  11. No Traction Control
  12. No Pit to Driver Communication
  13. No electronic suspension data gathering devices of any kind allowed
  14. No mirrors
  15. Motor must be sealed and can be inspected including a complete teardown at ANY time
  16. GMPP Crates must have factory encrypted sealing bolts and they must be unaltered
  17. PBM 1 or PBM 2 Engines must be sealed and approved by I-77 to be considered a Crate Engine
  19. Motor must have all OEM parts as comes standard with motor this includes but is not limited to valve springs, push rods, harmonic balancers, rocker arms and valve covers
  20. No machine work is permitted
  21. It will be the determination of the I-77 Raceway if an engine can be considered a Crate Motor
  22. Any such determination is final, and if the motor is determined by the track official to be altered in ANY way, the car will be considered “Open Motor” and the car will fall under the “Open Motor” rule package
  23. No sliding motor mounts
  24. Remote reservoir shocks are allowed
  25. Lucas Oil body rules apply, Crate Cars will be allowed a 10 Inch Spoiler
  26. Raceceivers are MANDATORY
  27. Transponders are mandatory and will be available to rent at the track
  28. A car must report to either the consy or the feature and take the green flag to be paid tow money
Tire Rules for Semi-Lates (“Open” and “Crate” Engines)

  1. The Semi-Late class will have an open manufacturer policy
  2. Every Semi-Late will have the rear tires marked and recorded during Tech inspection
  4. The front tires may be changed at any point
  5. If you have a flat or damaged tire, you may change the tire ONLY if you have permission from the I-77 Tech Inspector, Pit Steward or the Track Manager
  6. You must replace the tire on the car with either the same compound or a harder compound
  7. If you would decide to change a tire between your tech and start of the racing program, you can only do so with the permission of the I-77 Tech Inspector, the Pit Steward or the I-77 Manager.
  8. If for any reason you have to change a tire, you will be penalized at the start of the feature by starting on the tail


  1. Transmissions must have at least one forward and one reverse gear, a neutral position and must be able to be shifted by driver
  2. Clutch type transmissions must be equipped with a Steel Bell Housing
  3. Triple Disc clutches allowed, but must also be equipped with a Steel Bell Housing
  4. Bert, Brinn, Falcon or any other type of aftermarket transmission OK
  5. Power Glide w/ Coupler OK

Battery and Kill Switch

  1. Batteries must be securely mounted inside the car
  2. A Kill switch is required and must be located within easy reach of the driver and track staff

Drive Shafts

  1. Aluminum or Steel ok, however Steel must be painted white
  2. Drive shaft loop is required and must be no more than six inches back from the front of the dive shaft

General Safety Rules –

  1. All cars must have a fire extinguisher securely mounted inside of car
  2. The fire extinguisher must be charged
  3. Helmets are required and must meet Snell 95 or newer standards.
  4. Helmet must accompany vehicle at time of inspection
  5. Fire Race Suits of a flame retardant nature must be worn by all competitors, 2 Piece Uniforms are allowed. Fire resistant gloves and shoes are highly recommended
  6. Racing seats are required
  7. Competition type 5 point seatbelts are required
  8. Belts cannot be more than 3 years old
  9. If your car is deemed unsafe you may be disqualified for that night’s event. However, as long as it is not a serious violation you will be given one week to correct the problem
  10. Ballast is permitted to be put on the car, however, it must be absolutely secured to the frame and must also be painted white
  11. Loose objects and or ballast are not permitted in driver’s compartment.
  12. A car must be able to start without being pushed or pulled.
Front Wheel Drive 4-Cylinder:
1. Any NON turbo, 4 cylinder car. Front Wheel Drive cars only.
2. 2 or 4 doors cars allowed, doors must be welded or bolted shut.
3. You must remove all flammable material except the front seat and dashboard.
4. Racing seat is required. Neck brace mandatory no exceptions.
5. Must have at least 4 point harness belts.
6. Car must be completely stock.
7. You must remove all glass, molding, plastics & chrome trim.
8. Must have 4 point roll bar, welded to plates and bolted to floor and roof securely fastened. Must be 1 1/2in. or bigger tubing.
9. Must have at least 3 door bars in driver’s side and 2 door bar in passenger’s side of car.
10. Must have 3 window bars in front on drivers side.
11. Roll bar must be padded in driver’s area.
12. Cars must be painted and lettered neatly, number must be 18"min. and numbers must be on both doors. If number is not legible from score tower, car will not receive points or pay from that night events.
13. Approved racing helmet is required. Snell Sa90 or Snell Sa95 or newer. NO open face helmets are allowed. Helmet must be worn at all times the car is on the track. Neck collar is mandatory and must be worn anytime car is on the track. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
14. A fire retardant race suit is required. Working fire extinguisher is required.
15. Tires must be stock DOT. No snow tires. Tires must have a 7" max width.
16. No bead Lock wheels will be permitted.
17. All batteries must be securely mounted.
18. Welding or locking of the differentials will be optional.
19. Other than that, the rest of the vehicle MUST REMAIN COMPLETELY STOCK
Pure/Street Stocks:
1) You MUST weigh 3200lbs.
2) No Quick Changes and No 4 link bars
3) No Tube Frames ONLY Stock Frames
4) Wheelbase Has To Be 101 Inches
5) Suspension most be stock style suspension and match to frame. Trailing arms must remain solid; springs must remain in stock location. Jack bolts are allowed. Min. Of a 5 in. Spring no composite leaf spring. Fix bearing shocks only. Must use stock style lower control arms. Tubular uppers are allowed trail arms must mount in stock location no altering. No bird cages. Must use stock style steering components all suspension mounts must remain stock location. Maximum track width 78 in ( outside to outside of tire).
6) Maximum 15x8 steel wheel. May run any type of racing tire. Maximum of 9" tread pattern. (Pure Stocks May Run Your DOT Tires)
7) Gas ONLY No Alcohol