Posted By Eve Denehy
Reasons Why Going to The Airport is the Best Transportation Option


Transportation is one of the oldest practices of man. Since the beginning of time, man has found one reason or the other to transport from one point to another. The advent of technology has brought ease to transportation. One can travel miles within a short time. Traveling can be by air, water or road (taxis aeropuerto monterrey). Air transport is one of the fastest ways of moving people and goods from one location to another. This among other reasons is why air transport is preferred over other modes of transportation.

Why You Might Be Scared of Planes

If you are scared to height and you haven’t been on a plane before, this article will bring light to why this mode of transportation is a good option for you to consider. Your apathy might be a result of the news you hear on the TV of plane crashes all over the world. The same news of car accident shown on TV shouldn’t be a reason for you to trek to work. Accidents happen, and as of recent, the number of plane crashes has reduced tremendously compared to decades back. In fact, according to statistics, road transport which is the most popular has more fatality than other modes of transportation.

Reasons Why You Should Travel by Air

For those who are in doubt as to whether they should go to the airport or not, here are the reasons why you should:

Guarantee of Life: As stated above, air travel is the safest mode of transportation. When compared to the popular mode of transport like road or rail, the air is by far safe.

Handled by professionals: Unlike road transport where anyone with a drivers’ license can drive a car, air transport requires years of training before one can be a pilot. This gives a level of safety to the passengers. Some rules must be followed by the pilot. These rules are put in place to ensure the safety of life and property.

Sophisticated Transportation: Air transport is the most advanced in terms of technology. The advanced technology used in these planes is there to ensure that the plane runs optimally.

Time of Travel: No doubt, this is the fastest mode of transportation. It is better than traveling by road or water. If you want to get to your destination fast, the air is the best option for you. Some journeys that might take up to 4 hours by road will take only about 30 to 40 minutes by air to reach your destination. Apart from that, the comfort of traveling by plane is exceptional.

It isn’t expensive: Imagine traveling a 9 to 12-hour journey by car. You will have lots of stopovers along the way. During these periods, you will have to buy some snacks or junks to eat. The expense of buying gas is there to increase the traveling budget. The car will also need one or two fixings after the long exhausting trip. On the other hand, planes are fast, there are no stopovers along the way, and you get to relax comfortably while you wait to reach your destination. Overall, it shows that traveling by air is cheap and convenient.

Customer Service: The level of customer service offered is a lot better than other forms of transport.

Security: On the road, you might come across armed robbers on the way to your destination. Pirates are known to attack boats and ships and they move valued goods from one place to another. Trains also face similar security attacks from thieves. Traveling by plane is the safest in terms of external attacks.

Barriers: Most issues with other modes of transport is the barrier they might encounter along the way. A car might crash into another car, a person, or a tree. A ship might capsize while traveling due to a high water current. For planes, there are no physical barriers except for clouds that are not harmful to the plane.


This article has shown the essence of traveling by air. Traveling by air is safe, comfortable, and dependable any day and anytime. The myth that air travel is one of the most dangerous modes of transport has been disproved by work done by statisticians. It confirmed air as the safest mode of transportation.