Mod Lite Profiles
Name: Nathan Casto
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 28
Hometown: Ripley, WV
Car Number: 19
Car Owner: Nathan Casto
Crew Members: Crew Chief: Jeff Casto
Head Mechanic: Ryan Wilson
Years In Racing: 3
Sponsors: J.O.C
C&O Motors
DSF Motorsports
Team Dagger Racing
Advance Auto Parts
Family: Jeff and Roberta Casto
Jerra Casto
Megan Morrison
Britain Casto
Braylen Morrison
Shane Casto
Racing Accomplishments: Hillbilly 100 @ I-77 finished 3rd. Multiple top 5's.
Job Info: Insurance Broker, build race car bodies.
Facebook Page URL: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DSF-Motosports/190664394286689?sk=info#!/pages/DSF-Motosports/190664394286689

Name: Duane Durst
Class: Mod LiteAge: 25
Hometown: Leon, WV
Car Number: 27
Car Owner: Duane Durst
Crew Members: None
Years In Racing: 2
Sponsors: French City Builders in Point Pleasant, WV
Slick Wraps & Race Appearal David City, Nebraska
Family: None
Racing Accomplishments: None

Name: David Elmore
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 46
Hometown: Elkview, WV
Car Number: 2E
Car Owner: David Elmore
Crew Members: Chuck Shafer
Years In Racing: 2
Family: Wife - Robin
Daugher - Brooke
Racing Accomplishments: 2011 - Rookie of the Year, 3rd in track points, Multiple top 5 finishes.
2012 - 3rd in track points, 4 heat wins, Multiple top 5 finishes.

Name: Chuck Hitt
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 51
Hometown: Ripley, WV
Car Number: 55
Car Owner: Chuck Hitt
Crew Members: Ryan Hitt
Tracy Jones
And whoever helps out...
Years In Racing: Rookie year
Sponsors: Me
Family: Wife Pamela Hitt
Son Ryan Hitt
Daughter Jordan Hitt
Racing Accomplishments: Just to finnish a race without tearing up my car or anyothers.

Name: Rick Jones
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 38
Hometown: Ripley, WV
Car Number: 71
Car Owner: Rick Jones
Crew Members: Rick Jones
Years In Racing: 2
Sponsors: B&R Racing
Sherlock Studios
Family: Bob and Linda Jones (parents)
Kayla Jones(wife)
Taylor jones (daughter)
Braydon jones (son)
Bobby & Robbie jones (brothers)
Racing Accomplishments: 2012 top 5 in points chase
2012 Mod-Lite Rookie of the Year
Job Info: Dorma USA installation tech/contractor

Name: Zak Kimbrew
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 18
Hometown: Grafton, WV
Car Number: 51z
Car Owner: Skip Raupach
Crew Members: Troy Kimbrew
Kolbe Kimbrew
Skip Raupach
Lakin Nose
Years In Racing: 9
Sponsors: Champion Brakes and Driveshafts
Jack's Car Wash
Lizards Grafx
RawPaw Racing
Body by Ron Doll
Hornet Chassis
Rocket Chassis
Dave Poskes Performance Parts
Family: Troy Kimbrew
Racing Accomplishments: 30+ wins in 6 years of mini wedge racing between Elkins Raceway and Tyler County speedway
Comments: Looking to pickup first Modlite win in 2013!

Name: Jason Koenig
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 23
Hometown: West Portsmouth, Ohio
Car Number: 4
Car Owner: Jason Koenig
Crew Members: Crewchief Nathan, Mark Brown,
Years In Racing: 1
Sponsors: 239 Auto Group
Echo Cleaners
Melvin's Automatic Transmissions
Mason Racin
Cox Wrecker Service
Phantom Racing Gear
Michael Hamilton Productions
Shell Shock Lids
Jason Shain Decals
Family: Dreama Alanos (Mother)
Brent Koenig (Father)
Amanda Salyers (Sister)
Racing Accomplishments: 2012 Jackson County Speedway Rookie of the year and finished 2nd in points
2012 Hillbilly Weekend - Finished 7th inn the Sour Mash 20 at I-77 Raceway after starting from the tail
Job Info: Work for Rumke Sanitation inn Haverhill OH,
Owner and Driver at Jason Koenig Motorsports
Website: www.jasonkoenigmotorsports.com
Facebook Page URL: Facebook.com search for Jason Koenig Motorsports and give our page a like to follow us

Name: Joe McFee
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 35
Hometown: Waverly, WV
Car Number: 3
Car Owner: Bob and Joe McFee
Crew Members: Bob McFee
Jake McFee
Joe McFee
Years In Racing: 13 strong
Sponsors: Bruce Evans Racing Engines,
Lightning chassis,
Amy McFee,
360 design
Family: wife- Amy of 13 years
daughter-Ella 8-yrs old
dog Jasper spoiled
Racing Accomplishments: Smokin Joe McFee
4 time I 77 Raceway Park track champion, AMRA mod lite points champion 2010
35 are feature wins
Job Info: employed at Dimex Corp. been an operator therefor 10 yrs.
Comments: going for # 5

Name: Joe Rogers Jr
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 26
Hometown: Buffalo, WV
Car Number: 5
Car Owner: Joe Rogers Jr
Crew Members: Kendra Rogers (Wife)
Moose (Car Set-Up)
Years In Racing: 2
Sponsors: NONE
Family: Joe Rogers Sr. (41J Modlite Driver)
Joyce Rogers (Mom)
Kendra Rogers (Wife)
Racing Accomplishments: 1 Feature Win at McCowns Jackson County Speedway

Name: Bryan Sandreth
Class: Mod Lite
Age: 18
Hometown: Windsor Heights
Car Number: 24b
Car Owner: me
Crew Members: Sammy Hlebiczki
Robert Hlebiczki
Zac Williamson
Years In Racing: 1
Sponsors: none
Family: Bryan Sandreth I
Jan Sandreth
Kody Sandreth
Josh Sandreth
Shiahn Sandreth
Racing Accomplishments: i wanna try to get my 1st win and champ