Racetrack Food & Seating in Ripley, West Virginia
As a dedicated dirt track fan, you deserve the best in concessions and seating. That’s exactly what you get at I-77 Raceway Park! Enjoy comfortable racetrack seating and delicious food at our track in Ripley,
West Virginia.
We offer a number of enjoyable concessions, including chili cheese fries, chili, hot dogs, corn dogs, and hamburgers, for you to chow down on as you watch the cars zip around the track. At big races, vendors may be present to offer more options for you.
Crowd, Racetrack Seating in Ripley, WV
We offer bleachers and terraced hillside seating, but it’s a good idea to bring a lawn chair since 75% of our seating is terraced. We also offer wheelchair-accessible seating and prime seating with pit passes for your racing enjoyment.
Come to our dirt track for filling food and convenient seating during an exciting race.